WIP WGMI side event at Devcon Bogota

WGMI would like to host a side event at Devcon (Hacker House style).
Ethereum is scaling and we need Community builders to support the work. From developers, end users, liquidity providers, DAO participants— there is a huge demand to coordinate. We’re hosting a one-day non-technical onboarding house for the Ethereum community in Bogotá, Colombia as a side event to Devcon Bogota.

Hacker House style event:
3-5 hour event, low key, hacker house, co-working vibes
People can co-work/ hangout, talk to mentors there, or participate in the main agenda
Hr 1 - Intro to Community
Hr 2 - Setting up your Community
Hr 3 - Working Ethereum
NFTs, ERC-20s
Connect to Collabland
Coordinape/ Govern
Hr 4 - Community to DAO
Hr 5 - Open

This side event will give us:

  • Visibility - LatAm is a huge market and its a great place to have our presence
  • Pipeline - for partners, contributors, sponsors, Clients & Members

Who is it for:
100 pax
Any one interested in DAO’s, Web3, Community

What’s in it for attendees:

Scope of work -
Secure Sponsorship
Secure Venue
Secure F&B
Plan Marketing
Design collateral, social and newsletter

$ 30,000 (approx)
which will be raised from sponsorship through outreach

NEXT STEPS There will be a 48-hour voting grace period Voting will be optimistic: if there are no negative gov votes by the deadline, this proposal will PASS Contributors can weigh in, however, execution of the vote will be mandated by the DAO Council
  • Yes
  • No

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Devcon Onboarding Side Event

tags: wgmi,devcon


Devcon is Ethereum mecca. Devcon is not another conference— it’s the largest annual “gathering” of Ethereum developers and enthusiasts in the ecosystem. This event is organized by the Ethereum Foundation and is supported by integral members of the Ethereum community. This is not a your usual web3 (un)conference. It’s a collection of the brightest researchers, decentralization mavericks, internet activists, and instigators of a developing culture that is aimed at bringing access to first world financial services, tokenized ownership of all the things, and a soverign forum of value for humans to interact digitally.

That being said, we need to support it.

To support Devcon, Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum community in general, and the future Ethereum ecosystem in Latin America—it’s our responsibility to onboard/guide the next generation of end-users, builders, navigators of web3, and community members who will inevitably govern the fate of the space.


Wgmi wants to lead/ organize a “side-event” near Devcon during the same time as Devcon VI in Bogotá. We would bring in various web3 projects/ partners as sponsors to help educate locals and new Ethereum community members on how to be a good web3 contributor, end-user, community member or Community Manager. With all of the technical events around Ethereum development, integrations, scaling—we’re thinking this could be a venue for the non-technical who are also a part of the process of helping Ethereum scale through developer, and end-user communities.

This would be a two day event where we take newbies from 0 to 1. We would have them bring their own laptops/ mobile devices, get set up with Ethereum wallets, and community forums, chats or integrations. From there, we will walk them through how to receive, send or exchange assets just as you would by particpating in an Ethereum or DAO community in web3. In essence, non-technical folks should be able to exit our workshops with a general understanding around how crypto can empower their work, liberate them from traditional models, and give them ideas for how to use these tools for good in LatAm.

Our goal is to onboard 200+ non-technical end-users or builders to Ethereum.


  • Devcon tickets are priced out for most locals (and LatAm neighbors)
  • General attendees will also want a place to jam :sparkles:
  • A lot of newcomers don’t understand how to use a wallet, why, or how to navigate web3 after receiving fungible or non-fungible assets
  • DAOs are becoming a massive onboarding mechanism, but a lot of folks don’t understand what ownership and governance looks like
  • Ethereum culture needs to continue on as mainstream takes hold


We’re going to host a two-day workshop/ non-technical hacker house that focuses on onboarding the next wave of the Ethereum ecosystem in LatAm.

They’re going to learn how to…
  • Set up an Ethereum wallet
  • Receive NFTs and tokens
  • Learn community tools such as chat and forums
  • Connect to web3 with their wallets
  • Get access to permissioned channels with their custodied assets
  • Participate in governance with those same assets

Impact to Wgmi

Wgmi is on a mission to bring the next wave of Community professionals, builders, managers, leaders— to Ethereum. By organizing and leading this initiative, we’re setting the prescedent that we’re taking ownership and responsibility around “onboarding”.

In addition, Wgmi will be interfacing with top Ethereum and web3 projects in the ecosystem. This is (1) great rapport to build with the Ethereum and DAO ecosystem as trusted projects go far in this space, and (2) these relationships could lead to potential Service Guild clients. Lastly, (3) we will be putting in sweat equity into the organizing process to reduce cost from the treasury.

We have executed events like this in the past (e.g. MCON support, DAO NYC, Gn (NFT NYC), ETH Denver’s Hydra Event) and gives us further track record for organizing in-person events. This is also a great opportunity for our contributors to learn the process of creating an event concept, find funding for it, organize event ops remotely and IRL (in real life) with boots-on-ground support.

Scope of Work

  1. Communicate!!

  • All communications regarding this event will be over Telegram in two separate groups. We will require a team member to lead and manage the community communications and operations here on a daily basis.
    • (1) Devcon Side Event [Core]
      • This is the core organizing committee that may need to share some privy information that shouldn’t be shared with the wider community.
    • (2) Devcon Side Event [Community]
      • This group will be used to bring in various contributors, potential sponsors, mentors to the event communications channels
  1. Confirm down time, date, agenda and event description

    • Need to establish when the event will take place while planning around major Devcon activities. The agenda for the event should give enough time for pre-event planning, welcoming attendees, announcing event details and general event coordination/ main agenda. The event description should give full context for the event, what people should expect, and the hour by hour agenda.
  2. Secure event venue

    • Places and faces! This is what brings people to events. We need to confirm a physical location that can (1) fit the desired capacity, (2) host our event for x hours/ days, (3) has basic operational event requirements, and (4) is within a reasonable budget. Ideally, we find a co-working space that would be interested in hosting 200+ Ethereum-curious technical and non-technical builders in exchange for an “in-kind” sponsorship tier (equivalent to $X sponsorship tier).
  3. Establish budget

    • This event will require a prepared budget for…
      • Venue rental cost (unless sponsored)
      • Seating, AV, Wifi rentals (event ops)
      • Catering (food & beverage for 2 days, 6 meals, 1 happy hour)
      • Labor (daily operations)
      • Team travel (2-3 Wgmi team members)
      • Team coordination (2-3 Wgmi team members)
      • Crypto assets as gifts to attendees
  4. Delegate work and accountability to organizing team

    • Leadership of this event will need to delegate tasks down to peer contributors in this cohort. It is also their responsibility to track work streams, status updates, tasks, and key roadblocks in their team’s way. If there are issues that come up during the coordination of this event, they are to take ownership of the human management processs.
  5. Drive sponsorships

    • This is a not for profit event. The goal is to raise sponsorships to (1) cover operational costs outlined in the budget, (2) bring in strategic Ethereum partners that add value to this experience, and (3) leverage any extra capital as public goods for Wgmi to support more of these events in the future
    • Here’s a light guide for raising sponsorship funds…
    • Potential sponsorship tiers:
      • Wgmi - $25k
      • Lfg - $10k (~3 sponsors)
      • Fren - $5k (~3 sponsors)
      • Gm - $2,5k (~3 sponsors)
    • Potential sponsors (Wgmi frensss; not confirmed sponsors)
    • Collabland
    • Govern
    • ConsenSys/ Metamask
    • DAOHaus
    • Metacartel
    • Polygon/ Polygon DAO
    • Gitcoin
    • Tally
    • Guild xyz
  6. Build out curriculum

    • We are working with @Oops (Wgmi Community Guild) to organize a curriculum for this agenda. If any community members have ideas for how they would like to add value, we will have a due process for how they can co-host a workshop. This is a no-shill zone, and therefore, we will be vetting contributors and sponsors to the event. We need to ensure that the content we are educating our community on is valid, Ethereum-focused, quality, and a value add to the ecosystem.
  7. Promote event and finalize attendee list

    • The event will likely not require a ton of promotion. These side event agendas are getting more and more jam packed. However, it is an issue finding the right target demographic to attend your events. We want to maintain the vibes and bring the right people in. That being said, we need to have proper waves of RSVPs, light vetting to ensure nobody is rigging the guest list, and ensure we have room for sponsors, special guests, mentors/ contributors.
    • The event will be free. Sponsorships should be enough to cover costs.
  8. Plan remote event operations

    • The event lead will be the owner of our project plan spreadsheet. They will need to coordinate the streams of work, have a pulse on (1) sponsorship status, (2) project planning status, (3) major logistics confirmations, (4) liquidity; event sponsorship funding be available to use for operations, (5) headcount or who all is putting this thing together online and IRL
  9. Execute day of on-site operations

    • We need to have a contact list and accountability of everyone that will be boots-on-ground. Who will be coming in to support remote operations of the event, who is available for in-person operations, and who’s getting paid to work the event locally. There is also room for mentors, instructors, and volunteers.
  10. Provide marketing deliverables for sponsors

    • This event will need proper digital marketing (e.g. promotional materials, Eventbrite for event signups, website), POAP designs, sponsorship deck. It will also be important to have on-site branding such as banners, backdrops or step-and-repeats with sponsor logo branding opportunities. We want to ensure that the brand is aligned with Wgmi and Ethereum. It must not be shilling sponsors, but instead, promoting the culture of Ethereum, public goods, and focus on the onboarding aspect versus the companies behind it.

DAO Resources Required:

*Dependent if sponsorship $$ can be raised. The DAO is not liable for funding individual contributors if sponsorship goals are not met.

  • Team Lead:
    • 2 DAO shares, $2,500, travel for up to $2,000
  • Team Support-01:
    • 1 DAO share, $1,500, travel for up to $2,000
  • Team Support-02:
    • 1 DAO share, $1,500, travel for up to $2,000

Next steps:

  • Wgmi Community Guild to vote on a project lead and team
  • Wgmi DAO to assist in budgeting/ sponsorship and approve via DAOHaus
  • Devcon side event lead and team to create polished project plan, refined scope of work, timeline, list of accountable team members, actionable budget, and plan of action for executing this event seamlessly
  • Team and DAO to assist in raising ~$50k USD for operational budget
  • Team to confirm time/date/agenda, venue, catering, local staff
  • Team to book travel and confirm their attendance
  • Team to set schedule for week of operations
  • Team to be fully accountable if project has issues
  • Yes
  • No

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