WIP-02: Improving the Discourse

WIP-02: Improving Discourse UX

Wgmi Improvement Proposal (WIP) is our template proposal for suggesting improvements that affect Wgmi DAO broadly.

Matt Wright (mattwright.eth#5268)
0xJustice (mattwright.eth#5268)

Date Created:
September 13, 2022


  • Discourse is not organized to be effective
  • We have limited amount of organic community feedback via proposals
  • The forum needs to be more straightforward to invite more proposals and consensus
  • Our Governance Guild is suggesting better UX and structure


  • Add Categories: “General”, “Project” (Funding), “Improvements” (WIPs), “Membership” (to Moloch DAO)
  • Open to feedback on which tags we should use (Community Guild)
  • Each category should have it’s own clear description, and template for how to post a proposal
  • When proposals are posted, there should be clear guidelines on consensus required to pass
  • When proposals are passed on the forum, they are either (1) brought to DAOHaus/ Moloch DAO v3 for approval from DAO Council or (2) brought to Snapshot for contributor signaling.

e.g. Metacartel’s DAOHaus Funding Proposal with backlink to their Forum proposal

What is DAOHaus Moloch v3 Governance?
[See Guidebook]

What is Snapshot signaling?
[See Guidebook]

No funding required for this project.

Whomever leads this work stream will forever have their name as the publisher of the forum.


  • Increased # of monthly proposals/ posts
  • Increased # of monthly views of proposals
  • Increased # of monthly comments per proposal (engagement)


  • Need someone to lead this work stream and be accountable for management
  • Must have forum edits complete by September 15, 2022
  • Contributors can support Governance Guild with this activity as their Apprenticeship into Wgmi

Voting Rules:
Please vote to pass or stop these changes to the Discourse forum. This proposal will be optimistic. If we reach a majority consensus of “Yes” votes, we will move forward. The proposal period will be 48 hours.

  • Yes
  • No

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