WIP-01: Deploying Wgmi DAO

WIP-01: Deploying Wgmi DAO


This is our first Wgmi Improvement Proposal (WIP).

Our initial core contributors of the DAO wanted to lay out the framework, Manifesto and guidelines for how Wgmi will operate.

We will deploy Wgmi DAO via Moloch v3 and DAOHaus.

Members of the DAO will have governance of the main treasury, technical roadmap and Season to Season strategy of Wgmi Guilds.

Community members, and Wgmi Contributors will have a voice in regards to the roadmap, scope of work, and outcomes— the DAO will have the ultimate goverance, equity and decision-making power of Wgmi DAO.

Why Wgmi?

Community development and management of online communities is not anything new. In fact it’s been around since the invention of the computer, the internet, web 1.0, and so on…

In Web 2.0, Community became a unique value proposition for projects. In Web3… the internet of value… Community is integral to your success. You no longer can get away with ignoring Community.

That being said, a variety of projects in web3—including NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, open source protocols, DeFi, or core infrastructure— all require Community builders and have massive gaps to fill that goes well beyond hiring. It’s defining “what is Community development”, it’s “how do I build a Community”… and then we face the problem… “ok, so who do we hire?”.

Wgmi is a DAO that focuses on filling that gap.

Our thinking is… why hire a Community Manager… when you can hire a Community of Community Managers…


In it’s current state, Wgmi is very complicated to contribute to.

DAOs add a lot of value by curating a world of talented folks interested in a shared mission. They do fall short in regards to clear onboarding, rules, ways to contribute.

Wgmi has some of the brightest minds in “Community” under our roof, and they have little way to become deeper and deeper involved.

We have left you all hanging… we know… and we appologize…


We’re summoning a Service DAO for “Community” building work in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Manifesto of Wgmi has always been around bringing the top “Community” professionals around to execute Community builder services for the Ethereum ecosystem (eventually, EVM-compatible web3 in general).

We are also consumed with this vision of…

(1) lead standards for Community building in the space
(2) open source education around becoming a Community builder
(3) providing community builder services for web3 projects

View Full Manifesto

We’re looking to create onboarding systems for the Community, powered by the Community. Contributor processes, powered by the Community. We want to create an ecosystem of top Community builders that are seeking to influence how Communities are built at scale. Our DAO envisions a world where the top Community builders in web3 and Ethereum enable

How it Works

Full Guidebook


  • DAO shares to be distributed to summoner and co-summoners
  • Initial allocation to core contributors, and integral Members
  • Distribution model for contributors and Members per guidelines

DAO Shares Distribution Model

Name Status Shares Eth Address Description
Mattwright.eth Summoner 35 0xFCeDC13C1DD6ED4Cc2C063042bFa98ff0640C88E - Summoned the DAO - Contributed 20 hrs per week since Nov 2021 - Led strategy and vision for Wgmi DAO - Drove 10+ pivotal DAO-wide proposals - Onboarded 50+ contributors - Guided structure of Guilds, governance SOP, and nominated 5+ guild leads - Supported growth of Community from 0 to 500, 500 to 2k - Participated in Metapod at ETHDenver, DAO NYC, DAOPalace, MCON 2022 on behalf of Wgmi DAO
Addigator Co-Summoner 5 0x573A0FD96F027069b734b7E5039b4a7c9502DF34 - Nominated as Chief of Staff (Season 1, 2022) - Supported all work streams across Wgmi DAO at 100%/ full-time capacity (Season 1, 2022) - Nominated as Service Guild Co-Guide (Season 2, 2022) - Supported DAO NYC activities - Leading MCON 2022 volunteer activities and contributor coordination
Oops.eth Co-Summoner 5 0x461CdE402c6b945036df1b49F2703fCa22B23d7b - Nominated as Community Lead (Season 0, 2021) - Nominated as Community Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022) - Hosted 10+ Community Builder workshops for Wgmi Community - Proposing additional workshops for web3 Community builders from Wgmi - Supporting Devcon activities
Reeser.eth Co-Summoner 5 0xfA20d0E606E3ED73daE6Ce3B3744Cbe4B25A4002 - Supported all Community Guild (Season 0, 2021) - Supported all Community Guild (Season 1, 2022)- Leading Editorial Guild and monthly newsletter (Season 1, 2022) - Deploying working group templates via Coordinape circles - Supported ETH Denver, supporting MCON activities - Creating working group governance template and process (Season 2, 2022)
Alex Yao Core Contributor 3 0x57eFCc7607CD2da49D73E8F9C88ed114CbdC5CF7 - Nominated as Service Guild Co-Guide (Season 1, 2022)
0xjustice.eth Core Contributor 3 0x536299a4fCF0d1d492596C2C816fc20F3F7Ec557 - Nominated as Governance Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022) - Supporting Wgmi DAO Guidebook development - Creating working group governance template and process (Season 2, 2022) - Supporting MCON volunteering and contribution representing Wgmi
GenuineJack.eth Core Contributor 3 0x668fe1C5CC84488A74f7FC4961CDfE6129f931d4 - Nominated as Marketing Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022)
0xidkcrypto Core Contributor 3 0x9f5f83e27B542814325C6a0BAd269454Bd36de7e - Nominated as Community Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022)
angel_ Core Contributor 3 0x0e25bBe04AcaB9A7D10563B1cB48F05076013Cf7 - Nominated as Treasury Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022)
Lee Faria Member 3 - Nominated as Builder Guild Guide (Season 2, 2022) - Focused on deploying Wgmi job board (Season 2, 2022)
pet3rpan.eth Member 1 0x865c2F85C9fEa1C6Ac7F53de07554D68cB92eD88 - Initial supporter and guide for the re-focus of Wgmi DAO sustainability model - Mentor to DAO core contributors around structuring and business case - Assisted in early public goods funding of Wgmi DAO
1kx Member 1 - Supported Wgmi DAO with initial $50k borrow with favorable terms as public goods financing - Collaborator on Wgmi Community building initiatives - Seeking to assist Wgmi with exit to Community strategy
Harish Member 1 0xbDe71618Ef4Da437b0406DA72C16E80b08d6cD45 - Nominated as Builder Guild Guide (Season 1, 2022)
thepmac.eth Member 1 0x5787163458669c0364E5fC7d01Fe67106A75Acd2 - Nominated as Education Guild Guide (Season 0, 2021) - Supported the DAO across work streams - Early contributor consulted on strategy and Community strategy
Cameron O’Donnel Member 1 0xc02771315d0958F23a64140160E78ECB9bB8614e - Nominated as Ops Guild Guide (Season 2, 2022)
ratishnarayanan.eth Member 1 0x9D80B858Aff1c205f0B28e780dCd92f3f9293bd1 - Nominated as Community Guild Co-Guide (Season 2, 2022)
Jekl.eth Member 1 0x914AA366fc6AF1CEF6d8B98Dd24b2842E0d14c39 - Led the DAO in constructing Discord onboarding integrations and experience - Created instructional videos around onboarding for DAO contributors - Seeking to consult on the future iterations of Community onboarding
Yalor Member 1 0x66b1De0f14a0ce971F7f248415063D44CAF19398 - Advisor and guide for Wgmi in the Moloch and Metacartel DAO ecosystem - Helped onboard Wgmi guides to Metapod at ETH Denver - Introduced Wgmi to DAO Palace with Metacartel community - Introduced to lore creative contributor (Christina) - Introduced to Community framework contributor (Jekl) - Guided Wgmi to work with GM Bus and MCON
Vengist Member 1 0xd26a3f686d43f2a62ba9eae2ff77e9f516d945b9 - Guided Wgmi summoners on DAO structure, member onboarding and proof of concept
Boilerat Member 1 0x67243d6c3c3bdc2f59d2f74ba1949a02973a529d - Supporting Community Guild activities - Advising DAO Council DAOHaus deployment - Liaison to Metacartel, DAOHaus, Moloch DAO ecosystem
Christina Member 1 0x87690be28b65F13394741C2C2BE5A6bdb0505039 - Created lore “Moloch and the Machine” for Wgmi - Seeking to contribute to DAO guidance, vibes and lore building
Tae Member 1 - Advising Community guild in framework for scaling future Community builder role in the ecosystem - Advising DAO council on Community building and DAO management
Sky Member 1 0xE04885c3f1419C6E8495C33bDCf5F8387cd88846 - Guided summoners on DAO shares distribution model - Advisor on DAO governance, payments, allocations and dilution/decentralization model
Aaron Soskin Member 1 - Guiding summoners and guild guides on working group “template” or experience - Supporting Wgmi contributor process and graph to DAO member onboarding
Bau Member 1 0x0feF92A34ecF1F742B01c9e3cB2732A83C6067b6 - Contributing to Contributor onboarding, Collabland and credentials - Guiding working group, cohort, quest and bounty framework

Next Steps:

1. Community to give feedback via Forum proposal
Seeking suggestions and ideas from our Community, contributors, and Members. Consensus was already reached between Summoners, Core Contributors (DAO Council). Posting as proposal to our forum is to receive guidance and raise any red flags prior to deployment.

2. Deploy DAOHaus and allocate shares
Deploying DAOHaus/ Moloch v3 for Wgmi DAO. Initial shares for the folks that have supported us through this formative year. We’re seeking to incentivize our Community to help bring continued support to Wgmi’s mission and Manifesto.

3. Summon first proposal
Summoners and co-summoners to create first proposal in DAOHaus to configure the existing multisig as the minion for the DAO. This will be established as Wgmi’s primary treasury managed by DAO Council (DAO share holders).


Greetings, all –

Thank you for organizing this, Matt! This is a very exciting moment for WGMI, and I’m proud and inspired by all that we’ve accomplished thus far! We’re just getting started.

While I believe this has already been deployed, I’d like to make the case to be considered for the distinction of co-summoner.

Here’s why…

Time In.

WGMI is just over one year old (The Discord Server was created 09/13/21 @ 1:15 PM). I was lucky enough to join shortly after that, on September 17th. Unlike many of the other folks who’ve come and gone in that time, I’ve stuck around and continued to contribute to the DAO. I believe in what we’re creating and am here for the long haul.

WGMI DAO Discord Server Created:

Jack Joining the WGMI Discord Server:


While the designation of my share allotment was denoted as the Marketing Guild Guide, I believe that in my tenure with WGMI, I’ve contributed to projects and initiatives well beyond the Marketing Guild scope of work and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to our organization and mission.

Here is a select list of some of the activities I’ve been involved with, thus far:

  • Creation of the first WGMI Marketing Strategy (Link)
  • Updates to the WGMI Marketing Strategy (Link)
  • Primary design lead at present
  • Notable presentation wizard and extraordinaire
  • Oversight of the WGMI Twitter
    • 500+ Tweet Sent
    • 4.68% Engagement Rate (Note: the overall median engagement rate on Twitter is 0.037%)
    • Nearly 200k Impressions
    • More than doubled Twitter Followers (+1263)
  • Contributor to the WGMI Onboarding 1.1 (Link)
  • Contributor and lead strategist in first WGMI Service Client (Fraktal)
  • Contributor to the WGMI Rebrand development and rollout
  • Attended DAO NYC as a volunteer of WGMI, where I was also MC of Tally Stage all day and live-tweeted the event on behalf of WGMI.
  • Lead creator of NYXL Event Activation Playbook (Link)
  • Co-Author and contributor to the WGMI Handbook v1
  • On the WGMI Multisig

Coordinape Allocations

One of the most consistent measures of involvement in WGMI is the allocation of GIVE on Coordinape. In fact, we’ve integrated Coordinape as a benchmark for contributor and apprentice involvement in our new governance package.

Since enrolling in the WGMI Coordinape circle, I’ve received, on average, 14% of the GIVE allocated per epoch:

Epoch Jack GIVE Recieved Total GIVE Allocated Jack % of GIVE
January 21 - 28 79 825 9.57%
February 21 - 28 85 800 10.62
March 1 - 31 144 900 16%
April 5 - 30 145 1215 11.93%
May 15 - 31 125 800 15.62%
June 28 - July 1 85 427 19.91%

For Your Consideration

As previously stated, I believe the initial allocation of shares has been distributed. However, given my ongoing commitment to WGMI, the ‘proof of work’ outlined above, and community recognition demonstrated through my Coordinape history, I would like to be considered for additional vested shares and the honor of being considered a co-summoner of WGMI.


You have my full support here. I do see you as a co-summoner. You have been the lifeblood for a lot of the activity on Wgmi’s growth as a DAO.

I’ll take this to the DAOHaus floor.