WGMI To Sponsor GM Bus

Proposal: WGMI DAO to put $5K into the GM Bus and use it as an onboarding, education, and growth initiative for the season
Context: MetaCartel has been an early supporter, strategic advisor, and grant funder ($10K) of WGMI. They are also an industry leader with a positive impact on the ecosystem that we are proud to partner with and invest in
Benefit: Expanded partnership with MetaCartel to launch joint initiatives and be affiliated with conversations impacting an intentional future of crypto

Voting rules:

  • There will be a 48 hour voting grace period
  • Voting will be optimisic; therefore, if there are no negative marks by the deadline, this proposal will PASS
  • Contributors can weigh in, however, execution of the vote will be mandated by the DAO Council


  • Relevance to WGMI, community, and overall ecosystem

    • Awareness - The GM Bus will cultivate awareness of the regenerative nature of decentralization and the power of open source ecosystems, while boosting visibility of individual sponsors
    • Community Engagement - By appearing IRL, the GM Bus creates the opportunity to connect directly with communities outside of the crypto echo chamber
  • WGMI Promotion

    • Joint Recognition in the awareness campaign
    • Being a permanent founder of GM Bus
    • Launching Season #1 with branded swag, sponsor logos minted on the bus and homepage. Including links to resources or sign-ups for WGMI community
    • All logos and partner affiliation highlighted in press releases, local and national articles distributed through PR partners YAP Global
    • MCON
  • WGMI to volunteer and/or coordinate volunteers

    • WGMI/MCON side event
  • ServiceDAO Benefits

    • Web3 native attention and growth (funnel for contributors)
    • Collaboration on web3 native projects (projects for ServiceDAO)
    • Co-reputation in the ecosystem and community presence at key ETH and industry events
  • Perks

    • GM Bus appears at an event of WGMIs choice anytime during the next Season (Season #1 Choices Supersede NFT holders power)
      • Sponsorship for interested staff to join the road tour is in the works, including pickup and drop off to an airport, food, gas, and lodging.
  • NFTs for Sponsors

    • Rolling out multiple season NFT pre-mint for sponsors to avoid dilution with each Season of NFT sales goes live. Think 3 seasons of NFTs = 3x governance power for founding partners.
    • Premint NFTs go to Season #1 supporters first, at no cost, Season #1 sale goes live, funds power Season #2
    • NFTs holders have the governance power over where the bus goes in Season #2 (Season 1 holders have equal shares in Season 2 location choices)
  • Yes
  • No

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DAI wallet: 0x24ffa28F130Dc7798B03d0209322C574D731e9cF

Propose we pay our share in wrapped xdai (the token that we got the grant in) since we haven’t converted it yet.

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100% agree with Reese. Using the xDAI would lead to capital efficiency. As we move to DAOHaus model, this will be more relevant as well anyways.

To add context to this sponsorship:

Yalor and the Metacatel family have been extremely kind to Wgmi. We were invited to DAO Palace, MCON, Metapod at ETH Denver, and have been granted funds to support our initial phases of development. In addition, the summoner, Peter Pan, and his fund, 1kx, have graciously allocated capital to Wgmi ($50k) as a promissory note.

This allocation of funds is not just going to a bus that is educating folks around the country and world on “what are DAOs”, “what is web3”. Instead, this is further test of our culture. Of how we seek to align ourselves with the ecosystem. In our eyes, the funding we received from Metacartel was not to sponsor events that would 10x our returns right now, but instead 10x the development of our ethos.

I’m all in with this proposal.

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Thanks for the input folks! I added the xDAI address @Reese @mattwright.eth

Let’s do it!! Very creative idea. People are going to trip.

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Tx Submitted, Lets gooo!