WGMI Forum Cleanup Proposal

Title: WGMI Forum Cleanup
Working Group: mattwright.eth :heart_hands:#5268, 0xJustice.eth#6213, Eric_3.0#3054
Date: Oct 5, 2022


This proposal is to reorganize the existing WGMI community forum and templates on the scheme below. See this for more context:


Formal governance starts with our forum. By creating clear categories and templates, we encourage participation and create clarity.


I propose we create the following 5 categories and associate templates:


  1. Project Proposal: Project proposals are proposals asking for money.

  2. Improvement Proposal: These proposals suggest changes to our governance system (Community handbook)

  3. Membership Proposal: These are applications to join the DAO council.

  4. RFC (Invitation for feedback): This category asks for feedback but not a submission to the official governance flow. This helps get the temp and invite further participation before officially submitting to the above categories.

  5. General: This category is both a catchall and, more importantly, a square one for the forum. A canonical post in this category should describe the other templates and category system.


I’m also proposing that we set up 3 templates for the first three categories in this list. Those template drafts are listed here and can be refined before final implementation.

See the 3 proposed templates here.

Full disclosure: I wrote and created some of these templates and categories at BanklessDAO and ParticleDAO, so you will see similarities. This approach is not totally original to WGMI but has original elements like the membership proposal template.


No financial implications for this.


Once there is agreement on this setup, Eric has graciously agreed to implement the changes in Discourse. Please comment if you have any questions or concerns with the above plan. If there are no objections, we’ll move forward and refine as needed.

  • Good start - Let’s go!!
  • No - Not ready yet

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I have been waiting for this!

Please go for it!! I appreciate you and the Governance Guild taking lead!


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I also propose we turn on dark mode for this forum :sob: my eeeyes :smiley:

@Eric_3.0 Well sir, it would seem that we have peeps blessing :handshake:

Just an update on this. @Eric_3.0 has said that he will have these templates implemented in the form by the end of the week. Once that is done. I will make a post in general describing the overall template and category system. @mattwright.eth

Two specific posts I’d like to get out on the form as well are:

  1. Divide and conquer plan (follow up from our DAO council call last week) (Under RFC)
  2. Initial thoughts on how we can leverage Moloch Shares to do quarterly budgeting (Under RFC)
    Excited to get a category on the forum designed for these early-stage ideas!