WGMI at WEB 3 Conference India

Proposal : WGMI DAO to put $400 in attending WEB 3 Conference India

A collaborative Web3 Conference happening in India for the world. The Atal Incubation Centre at Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM Foundation) and GirlScript, a non-profit organisation, have collaborated to organise the ‘agnostic web3.0 conference’ in Goa from August 12-14 this year.Technologies of the future, including blockchain, global policies on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and cryptocurrency, foray into metaverse, growth-hacking, and more will be discussed and deliberated upon during the three-day conference, a senior official said. Rajesh Joshi, CEO of AIC-GIM Foundation, said that tech enthusiasts, founders, and innovators from across the globe, including the US, Italy, Spain, and Indonesia, will converge in Goa.

I think this will be great for WGMI DAO to make our first presence in India and as you know India is one of the largest developer ecosystems. Main goal here is to:

  • Get more heads into our community
  • Clients for service DAO
  • Try and do a WGMI meetup
  • Identify Ambassadors for our program


Ticket: $50 (trying to get this for free)
Flight: $150
Hotel: $200
Total: $400

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  • no

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@ratishnarayanan.eth the UX to add a poll is unnecessarily confusing :expressionless: we’ve all had the learning curve lol.

remove the POLL language then follow the steps below and that will get your yes/no poll on the page!

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i’m leaning towards yes. however, the only thing we need to discuss for dao council is expense coverage

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Sure, updated. Thank you @addigator

thank you @ratishnarayanan.eth.

@mattwright.eth @Reese @0xidkcrypto.eth @0xJustice.eth @Eric_3.0 @genuinejack and any others i may not have tagged. wdyt? my only concern is the expense but it could potentially pay off quickly. im not familiar with this conference but ratish did get leads out of eth dubai so would love others to weigh in.

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I’m of two minds on this - firstly we DID say we were pausing all funding until we had some MRR to fill the treasury with.

On the other hand 400$ is not a lot of money, and I know that Ratish will make some great connections there, especially if we are trying to implement DevRel as a service.

I vote yes as I think the benefits will outweigh the cost on this one for sure.

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Thank you @addigator @Eric_3.0 for your comments but now in retrospect i think we might not be able to service clients that we might find at these IRL events as we are still not there yet. Would be a great community, growth, dev rel, partnership & branding activity

May be we could shoot for this - https://ethindia.co/