Web3Dubai - WGMI community partner proposal


WGMI to be a community partner for Web3Dubai


The Web3Dubai Developer Conference will feature multiple tracks on the latest innovations in Web3 technology and modular blockchains with a focus on builder and creator tools, techniques and APIs that help you scale your project and go from 0 to 1. Whether you’re a financier building a new DeFi protocol, an artist crafting a generative art NFT collection or a regen building for public goods, we’ve got you covered with both great workshops to upgrade your skills or get you started and talks to inspire and discover. If you’re a VC, we will have a speed dating scene so you can invest in all the amazing people at the conference looking for a little help!

Web3 is the burgeoning technology on which new kind of web applications are being built with the goal to build services that are more decentralized, trustless, permissionless and resilient than current web applications.

Current Partners: Web3Dubai Conference - Come meet top builders, learn and invest inWeb3! - November 17-18, 2022 in Dubai UAE
Date: November 17th & 18th
Location: LeMeriden Hotel & Convention Center, Dubai


Any publicity is good publicity i believe this strongly.
I am proposing for WGMI to become a community partner for Web3Dubai conference. This partnership will give much needed exposure in the Middle East and Asia region, this could feed into:

  • Get more heads into our community
  • Clients for service DAO
  • Try and do a WGMI meetup
  • Identify Ambassadors for our program


This will be a barter, no financials involved:

WGMI will have do few socials(tweets/posts/discord announcement’s)

Web3Dubai will give away free tickets, logo placement on website and tweets

  • Yes
  • No

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@ratishnarayanan.eth this is great! Would be super beneficial if the giveaway is to someone who appreciates the WGMI community and willing to put out a good word of the WGMI community during the conference too. Nice one.

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thank you, yes. how do we do this give away?