Funding Proposal:

Funding Proposal: Part-time Hire, Community Lead, 0xidkcrypto.eth

0xidkcrypto believes that building a community is super important in the Web3 space. He is motivated to work alongside the rest of the WGMI Core Contributors to make this happen. He is incredibly excited to see the space grow and is hopeful that one day the WGMI Community will blossom into a one-stop shop of Web3 projects wanting to get involved with WGMI’s Service DAO of Community professionals.

@0xidkcrypto.eth will work closely with other Community Stewards and Community Managers of WGMI and will assist them in any way possible as he has done in the previous season. He will continue to uphold his responsibilities and duties as a Community Lead for WGMI for another 3 months until the next proposal is due.

Comp Terms:
Part-time: $2.5k monthly; can re-evaluate after 90 days (3 months) from the day of approval.

Time required:
~20 hrs weekly (or equivalent output)


  • Continue to Innovate and design the WGMI Discord and Community Contributor flow
  • Maintain healthy relationships between Community Managers and Stewards
  • Continue to grow the current Community Stewards and Manager program in WGMI
  • Maintain Internal Community Guild documentations
  • Assist and oversee templates and guidebooks for the Community Guild
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with external parties
  • Assist the WGMI Service DAO with regards to staffing experienced Community Managers
  • Maintaining Community calendars
  • Coordinating Community events for WGMI and supporting ecosystem events

Voting rules:

  • There will be a 48 hour voting grace period
  • Voting will be optimistic: if there are no negative gov votes by the deadline, this proposal will PASS
  • Contributors can weigh in, however, execution of the vote will be mandated by the DAO Council

Payment to be made to:

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m a big fan of dedicated (and ompensated) point people in the critical areas of the org. Glad this is being done! :clap:


Appreciate you, ser. Will definitely make the wgmi team and community proud!

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absolutely one of the best investments wgmi can make :slight_smile: HECK yes to this proposal


Glad this passed.

The only comment I’ll make here for the future internet readers in Wgmi… and no pressure 0x… but we definitely need to track the success here through OKRs or KPIs. Having simple measurable outcomes from providing funding for roles will help us do more of this!

In other words, help communicate how we’re growing the community by allocating $X, and we’ll have a way to measure how we can do that at scale with more humans.

You’re going to crush it!