Event Management Steward

Title: Event Management Steward
Authors: addigator#3143
Date Created: August 3, 2022
Date Posted: August 3, 2022


This proposal is to onboard @Prapti#3894, as a part-time (~5-10 Hours/Week) volunteer Event Management Steward, working and operating under the Service Guild for WGMI.


WGMI is ramping up event activity - both from the Service side (NYXL DCL Activation) and from the partnerships side (MCON, Devcon, GM Bus etc) and needs a strong operator and coordinator to help facilitate successful events.

Prapti has an extensive background in consulting Fortune 100 companies on strategic financial initiatives via Deloitte and Carlyle, plus event management experience both within web3 and non-web3 spaces. She has hosted some legendary dinners and music events for Salon NYC, and too many events to count outside of the industry.

Bringing on strong operators to Service Guild is the key to success for WGMI’s Services long term and will enhance the Contributor experience significantly.


  • Assisting Alex, Addie, and Eric with discovery, qualification, and implementation of Service Guild events via the WGMI Event Activation Playbook
  • Managing the relationship with Service Guild clients and coordinating pre-event planning, live event support, and post event activities
  • Pre-event planning: event checklist, contributor sourcing/onboarding/management, co-marketing coordination
  • Live event support: lead run of show, prepping for planned/anticipated/reactive situations to the best of the event team’s abilities, creating event resources/FAQs, establishing communication channels, contributor messaging alignment, crisis management, WGMI POC for contributors and client team, overseeing live event marketing efforts
  • Post event activities: facilitating playbook creation, scheduling twitter spaces/post event debrief with client or partner
  • Event Management support for conferences and partner events


  • There will be a 48 hour voting grace period
  • Voting will be optimistic: if there are no negative gov votes by the deadline, this proposal will PASS
  • Contributors can weigh in, however, execution of the vote will be mandated by the DAO Council
  • Yes
  • No

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Voted yes.

We really need some support here for MCON specifically. Would love to bring remote event specialists into the DAO! I also think that the Community Guild will have a lot of synergy with this role and would over time like to create learning materials for how new community managers could benefit from understanding how to remotely organize events. Supppper important for Community Management in 2022.

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