Community Operations Steward

Proposal Summary

This proposal is to onboard Cameron O’Donnell, @Camero_n #6952, as a part-time (~10 Hours/Week) volunteer community operations steward, working and operating under DAO operations for WGMI. Additional operations support for the DAO will allow Eric to focus on Service Operations with Addie and Alex, and Eric can work closely with Cameron to ensure smooth operations between Service and WGMI DAO.

Proposer’s Name and Information

Name (Anon) - Cameron O’Donnell

Discord - Camero_n #6952

Telegram - @DAOstrat

Location (Timezone UTC) - Philadelphia, US (timezone: UTC/UTC-4 [EST])

Address (ENS) - 0xc02771315d0958F23a64140160E78ECB9bB8614e (DAOStrat.eth)

Occupation - DAO Governance Strategist, ConsenSys

Background & Motivation

I am applying to become an official steward working and operating under DAO operations at WGMI. I have been a contributor in multiple DAOs since January of 2021 and have found working with multidisciplinary teams a remarkable experience.

I have unique experience consulting with DAOs on finance/deal structure, operations, and communications. This includes working with over 5 DAOs on critical tasks, including presentations, crisis response planning, and formal business process documentation.

Since February, I haven’t contributed to any DAOs because I was looking for a full-time job in the crypto industry. Since then, I am now employed full-time at ConsenSys, working under Matthew Wright as a DAO governance strategist.

WGMI is currently positioned for rapid growth; the upcoming months are promising, considering the success of the core team. Under this proposal, I will work with Addie, Guild Guides, and the DAO council. My responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • Onboarding process
  • General communications
  • Knowledge management
  • Formal documentation
  • Graphics
  • Analytics
  • Entity reporting
  • Conflict resolution
  • DAO support

I am excited to help with the above and any other way that I can.

Proposer Credentials

  • Certified Public Accountant—Pennsylvania Board of Accountancy
  • DAO governance strategist–ConsenSys
    • Working on Mathew Wright’s DAO team
  • .5 years of institutional custody & strategy consulting–KPMG
  • 2.5 years of advanced data and analytics consulting–KPMG
  • DAO Contribution Highlights
    • Ghostwriter: Statement to the Ecuadorian Congress
    • Raised $250,000+ in community grant funding through technical proposal writing
    • Co-lead: Partnership and Grants POD
    • Contract diligence
    • On-chain diligence
    • Partnership outreach
    • Degen moderating

Voting rules:

  • There will be a 48 hour voting grace period
  • Voting will be optimistic: if there are no negative gov votes by the deadline, this proposal will PASS
  • Contributors can weigh in, however, execution of the vote will be mandated by the DAO Council
  • Yes
  • No

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I vote yes, Operations could use the help as I focus more on service and Cameron seems to be a good fit for the role.

I look forward to working closely with them to streamline the operations side of WGMI.

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Would be a great fit for the Wgmi community to have Cameron come onboard to assist and execute Ops related tasks and/or work! Would be a huge +1 for us.

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