Bootcamp Phase 1 Proposal

Below is the Bootcamp Phase 1 proposal designed to be sent to the organizations we are seeking partnerships with to bring the WGMI Community Manager Bootcamp to life. Please see the copy below or visit this link and add any comments or thoughts below or directly on the Notion page in our WGMI site.

As per Matt’s request, I’m leading the Bootcamp fundraising, strategy and execution and have posted the proposal here for the community to review.

Thanks so much for your time!

WGMI Community Manager Bootcamp | Phase 1

Presented by the WGMI DAO Leadership: MattWright.eth & Bootcamp Lead: CStreet.eth

Our Mission

The WGMI DAO is building a comprehensive and free educational Bootcamp designed to educate and empower aspiring community professionals. Our collective community experience will help guide a carefully crafted curriculum designed to support the web3 community at large and help many projects, protocols and DAOs struggling to manage the humans who wish to support their work.

Our web3 ecosystem is currently under-resourced in the areas of community building and management which leaves it vulnerable to dysfunction as chaos seeps into ungovernable community frameworks. In order to address the lack of human resources in web3, the WGMI Community is building a Bootcamp designed to educate and empower capable and confident community professionals to strengthen and support our ecosystem.

Phase 1 of The WGMI Community Manager Bootcamp is a free public goods educational resource that will fully equip newcomers to community as a professional vocation with the necessary foundation to begin working in this field.

Our Objectives

  • Expose newcomers to the nuances of community management in decentralized ecosystems.
  • Equip students with the necessary foundational skill-sets to immediately begin working in web3 communities and gain their desired experience in a fast, yet productive manner.
  • Teach students the nuanced skills of managing communities in a human-centric way that utilizes technology to support community, not solely outsource community management to technological tools and apps.
  • Identify and navigate the pitfalls of community building and management in the web3 ecosystem that has distinct mechanisms not seen in other industries; such as tokenization, on-chain governance and “right to exit” as a cultural expectation.
  • Help community managers create safe environments for their members in an ecosystem that can be toxic, challenging, predatory and at times unsafe.
  • Empower community builders to manage their communities with confidence, compassion, humanity and mission-driven mentalities without burning out from an expectation of 24/7 oversight.
  • Explore and introduce the most valuable technological tools to support their community management role in a manner that is accessible to the student’s technical abilities and satisfies the minimum industry standards for running a virtual community in the web3 ecosystem.
  • Provide virtual teaching, mentorship and ongoing support for community professionals who attend and complete the Bootcamp and help foster their growth in this profession.
  • Continue the educational process for this first cohort as they evolve to the next level of community management in Phase 2 of the Bootcamp.
  • Introduce 200 newly trained community managers into the web3 ecosystem trained to build and manage healthy virtual communities that collectively propel our industry in a positive direction.


As of November 14th, 2022, we have over 300 applicants on our WGMI CM Bootcamp waitlist and those selected will comprise the initial cohort with an ultimate goal of producing 200 qualified community managers to support our ecosystem. We will re-open the waitlist prior to the Bootcamp launch to reinvigorate the community and bring more CMs into the program.

We plan to achieve our objectives by producing a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to be administered virtually in a 4-6 week period to an initial cohort of emerging community managers.

The Bootcamp content will be created by a small production team using a series of recorded interviews with top community professionals in our ecosystem. These carefully crafted interviews are designed to achieve the objectives listed above.

The interviews will then be leveraged to create professionally produced lesson plans that follow a strategic syllabus designed to be easily taught and to support the stated mission of the Bootcamp.

A small group of 10-15 teachers will help deliver the content to students while also acting as professional mentors after the students graduate and enter the marketplace.

The Bootcamp Lead, Crystal Street, will oversee the fund raising and production process and ensure that the Bootcamp achieves the above stated objectives as designed.

Project Scope and Budget

Our goal is to create educational deliverables that helps us achieve the goals stated above in a timely manner and with flexibility to course correct as students flow through the Bootcamp in real time. Phase 1 entails the initial introductory Bootcamp and mentorship over the course of 4-6 weeks.

  • The Bootcamp Lead, Crystal Street, of WGMI will be responsible for securing the funding and overseeing the production of Phase 1 of the WGMI CM Bootcamp.
  • The production team will consist of 4 producers of varying specialties (curriculum produciton, copywriting/editing, video/audio production, etc) and will transform the interview content into educational lessons based on the core curriculum designed by the Education Guild.
  • A group of 10-15 teachers will be delivering the content and overseeing the learning process in a mentorship capacity, under the guidance of the EG. The teachers in Phase 1 will be compensated through WGMI DAO governance tokens, a soul-bound token for official Mentors of WGMI and promotional exposure from the WGMI social media team across all WGMI owned media, including Twitter Spaces and/or special WGMI podcast series. We hope to incorporate monetary compensation for teachers during Phase 2 and will choose Phase 2 teachers from this initial cohort of teachers.
  • We anticipate a three month production process to create the initial Bootcamp with a launch or completion of Phase 1 falling around the same time frame of ETHDenver ‘23 to amplify exposure and marketing buzz. If possible, we hope to have an informal but celebratory event for our first cohort, mentors and teachers at ETHDenver that could possibly evolve into a hiring event if the resources are present.

Budget for Phase 1

  • Producers (4): $24,000 for 3 months stipend of $2k/mo per producer
  • Bootcamp Lead: $13,500 for 3 months of project lead and production oversight.
  • Graphic Design & Promotional Bounties: $1-2K
  • Miscellaneous Technical Costs: $2-3k
  • Total for Phase 1 | $40.5K- $42.5K

WGMI Bootcamp Leadership Team

Matt Wright: WGMI Lead

Crystal Street: WGMI Bootcamp Lead

Producers will be chosen from within the WGMI community to start and we will recruit external producers if the need arises.

Benefits of Partnership

We have identified a handful of mission-aligned partnerships to help us bring this project to life. Our partners will have prominent placement in any and all promotional and educational collateral along with public announcements of partnerships in broadcast or social media events where appropriate.

Partners will also have their community and projects highlighted in our curriculum, exposing their mission to hundreds, and over time thousands, of emerging community managers. If possible, we would also like to include leaders from our partner communities in the interview process for building our educational content and have AMAs with our community and your founders or community leads.

We see this project as a collaborative effort between our partners and our community and are open to any suggestions on collaboration opportunities as our work together evolves.

In Conclusion

First, we wish to thank you for your time and consideration in bringing this initiative to life. We strongly believe that empowering the people who build and manage the communities throughout our ecosystem through education and mentorship will help ensure that web3 as a collective is able to achieve the systemic change we need in our society right now. Lofty goals take strategic collaborations and we are so grateful for your time and hope this is the start of a fruitful relationship that will place us all further down the road towards the collective missions of our ecosystem.

We look forward to talking soon!

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